General rules of the Agency
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- All enquires must be in written form, by internet, telefax or mail
- Reservation must be confirmed by the Agency
- Certain amount must be paid in advance, according the offer
- The balance must be paid after arrival, in the agency, in cash
- The guest must leave relevant documents in the agency, and get a vaucher
- Rented capacity is rented on number and names of the persons, written in vaucher
Any presence of persons not listed there is a violation of Order of the house
Not - declared pets is also violation of Order of the house
In every violation of Order of house rules, the host and Agency have right to cancel hospitality , kindly ask guests to pay the bill , and to leave rented capacity
- In a case of cancelling the reservation, agency will hold the amount of payment, as follows :
a) cancel up to 15 days before EDA - 100%,
b) cancel 15 - 45 days before EDA - 50 %
c) cancel more than 45 days before - 30 %
- If the guest does not appear before midnight on the day of EDA , without any notice or a word from his side, we will understand it as a cancellation
- All possible disputes will be tried to be solved by adequate agreement, in a spirit of good will, and instructions of Croatian merchant chamber, Croatian touristic association, and Association of Croatian travel agencies
- In a case of court case, Court in town of Split is legitimate.
. EDA = estimated day of arrival (as reserved)
. EDD = estimated day of departure (as reserved)




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