Agency Koki started in the summer 2005. We do renting rooms, apartments and houses.
Besides renting, we organize excursions, trips and popular or specialised meetings.
We , also, do consultantcy in comercial and finance bussiness. Relay to us for any problem in communications, too.

Our addres is : Agency Koki, Bracka cesta 4, 21420 Bol, Croatia. It is situated, in nature, as a fourth house, in a row, when you are entering in Bol, from the main crossing. Right of it, is a way to hotel complex, and a way to etno-village Murvica, too. Left of it, is just a way-around Bol, which is finishing on the east sea side, near the complex of Dominican monastery, museum and the church.

Bol is a touristic center of island Brac. It, as a magnet, pulls guests from all over the world, from Easter time to the All Saints day. In the past decades, the elder visitors, wishing piece, calm atmosphere and kind hosts, going to Bol in april, may, september and october. From the begining of june to the end of august mostly "old" guests are coming, always with a new friend joining them, or just simply, send them with a notice to the well known hosts. For dozens of years the same guests used to come, first as lovers, then with the children, later those kids use to repeat the cycle worth to be written! So created relationship is more then tourism, economic laws, and succesful level. It is one of the last oasys of open harts, clean souls, which sends with every guest home, a piece of Dalmatian soul. That is our brand, and of course, genuine croatian and dalmatian, not a product, but the image, and a way of living.
That is why very popular song sings : Who comes once here, always returns...

Capacities for renting :
- rooms,
- apartments,
- houses,
- houses on a side, or in the wildness,
- accomodation in hotels,
- accomodation in camps, and
- accomodation in non-public opened resources.

Relay to us with full trust, because, if we can not help you, we will, with no jealouse, send you to the right place, to fullfill your wishes.

Agency Koki, people with dalmatian soul, is waiting for your message or call!



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Agencija Koki
21420 Bol, Bracka cesta 4
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Phone: + 385 21 635746 , 635343
Fax.: + 385 21 635746
Mobile: + 385 98 1941308
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