History of organized tourism in Bol is dated in 1929. In that year first statistics is made, on scientific basys, made by some enthusiasts. One of them was Ante Vidosevic, who had first pension Vidosevic, and who really was first pioneer, in tourism. He also subrented private accomodation, through Agency Putnik.
Nowadays, 80 years after, his successors, continue those activities through families Santo and Dordevic. Their touristic agencies are Santo and Koki. They have a significant number of university educated personnel, speaking several world languages, and long experienced in tourism.

Owner of Agency Koki is in tourism since 1967. Started as worker in transfers, through airport officer, to chief of telecomm, telephone exchange and information service in Hotel Company Zlatni rat in Bol. Involving digital telephony, air-network, meteo station, digital connection to the main land, protecting nature, doing necessary steps to preserve it.

In nineties, ownership of Zlatni rat Co. was changed, so new owners had chosen their own way.

Agency Koki started in 2005. It works whole year. Public office is open from Easter, to All saints day. With associate companies from other locations in Brac, Hvar & Vis islands, as well as from other parts of Croatia, we manage every job in tourism, communications, consulting and commissioning.

At the end, to present you real limits of the island's Brac beauty, we'll quote named Ante Vidosevic, in the letter to his best man David Mesulam in Belgrade :
" In the time of mimosas, nuts' blossom, or after April's rains, arrive crowded number of persons to this island. Amazing air is full of rhythm, life, loud voices, happenings and love which are encouraged by unknown people."

It is necessary to repeat, those first guests were from Czech republic, later from Slovenia, and, after these, from other neighboroughing areas.

February 2009. in Bol, island Brac, Dalmatia, Croatia                       Boris Dordevic



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